Shinqo was a male Rodian smuggler who served as Jet Nebula's First Mate aboard the Auriga Fire during the Cold War.


Several years after the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, Shinqo led a mutiny against Nebula when the Auriga Fire intercepted the Cinzia. Holding Nebula at blasterpoint, he urged the Captain to contact the Cinzia. Nebula informed the Cinzia that they would be boarded and Shinqo ordered Fekk and Gelss—two Sullustans who had supported him in his mutiny—to prepare for action. However, the Cinzia suddenly self-destructed, and as Nebula jolted the Auriga Fire away from the explosion, Shinqo stumbled and was caught by Nebula's J8O soldier droid, Clunker. Shinqo attempted to remain in control of the situation and threatened Nebula, but Nebula questioned with what Shinqo was threatning him—and then Shinqo realized that Clunker had taken his blaster from him when he'd stumbled. As Clunker held Shinqo at blasterpoint, the Rodian relented, allowing control of the Auriga Fire to return to Nebula. He later talked to the Mandalorian Dao Stryver about the incident, leading Stryver to find Nebula in Tassaa Bareesh's palace.

Personality and traitsEdit

Both Jet Nebula and Dao Stryer did not think highly of Shinqo, saying that he would say anything to get a blaster out of his face. However, Nebula also thought that Shinqo had the potential to make a good first mate.


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