Shiny as a Droid is children's book published by Random House in 1986. It was written by Virginia Holt and was fully illustrated by Feito. It was one of two "Things to See, Touch, and Smell from a Galaxy Far, Far Away" books, the other being Fuzzy as an Ewok.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Young children will find that outer space is no farther than their fingertips when they stroke a serpent's scaly stomach, touch a strange hairy plant, scratch and sniff an alien fungus--and more--while helping Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio search for the crystal they need to fix their spacecraft.

Plot summaryEdit

C-3PO and R2-D2 are on an unidentified planet about to leave for Tatooine when R2 points out their ship needs a new supply of energy crystals before it can take off. On their way to a cave where the crystals can be found they put an orange serpent to sleep by stroking its belly, escape a carnivorous plant Threepio accidentally discovers under a rock, and touch the paw of a furry four-armed creature which in turn points the way to the cave. Finally they find the crystals they need near a smelly orange fungus. The droids use the crystals to refuel their ship and blast off for Tatooine.


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