The Ship's Articles was a set of rules of pirate conduct authored by Celis Mott. Many Rebel privateers would adhere to those rules. They were as follows:

  1. Every member shall have a vote, when votes are called, and equal share of provisions found.
  2. All booty shall be doled out fairly, under the watch of a group elected by the crew. Defrauding the ship and crew shall be punished by marooning.
  3. No gambling or intoxicants on duty.
  4. Weapons and vacuum suits to be kept clean and serviceable at all times.
  5. No minors or idle family.
  6. Desertion of one's battle station is punishable by marooning or death, at vote of the crew.
  7. No fighting on board. Personal disputes are to be settled planetside by duel.
  8. No retirement or disbanding until every crew member has shared 100000 credits. The crippled shall receive 80000 credits out of the public stock, and for lesser wounds proportionally.
  9. The captain, engineer, and weapons officer shall receive two shares. The other officers shall receive one and a half shares. All other crew members shall receive one share.