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The ship of the line was a warship in use with the Alliance to Restore the Republic in 3 ABY.[2]


It resembled a large DP20 frigate[2] and was one of many gunship models conjecturally called Corellian gunships.[1]

On its back was situated a large communications antenna, and the ship was propelled through space by eight thrusters. The vessel's cargo hold was much bigger than on contemporary Corellian gunships.[2] Ships of the class were armed with multiple turreted weapons.[4]


Along with smaller gunships, several ships of the line participated in the strike on the Imperial task force said to be on its way to attack Feriae Junction. They nearly fell into the trap planned by the Tagge family, but were able to avoid the Omega Frost weapon in the Feswe Corridor.[5] The fleet then targeted the Tagge Mining Explorer and General Ulric Tagge's battlecruiser.[4]

A ship of the line later transported an Imperial warbot after the Battle of Xeron. Following an accident during its examination, the warbot was loaded onto Luke Skywalker's scout craft and brought to Kligson's Moon for repairs.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Blockade Runner Sketchbook2

Blockade runner concept art.

The ship of the line is based on early concept art for the Tantive IV.


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