Shirka was a male Human who served as the Minister of Ralltiir during the first stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.


Once the Yuuzhan Vong began attacking planets, Ralltiir decided to accept refugees from these planets. However, a week after that, the Ralltiiri Secretariat vetoed that decision because of certain influential off-world investors who did not like the idea. The New Republic had approved the allocation of funds for Ralltiir but many on Ralltiir, including Shirka, believed that these funds would never arrive.

Leia Organa Solo went to Ralltiir with six thousand exilees from Gyndine. Shirka explained her the situation, trying to convince her of the logical of his economic perspective. As Shirka was rude, Organa Solo tried her best to convince him, but it was useless. When she finally accused him of pandering to the privileged citizens of Ralltiir, Shirka closed the communication channel.

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