Shirlee Faughn was a female Human smuggler who served to Samuel Tomas Gillespee's organization and later in Talon Karrde's.


She joined Gillespee as a teenager and worked as a communications specialist. She worked her way up to eventually become his second-in-command.[1] When Grand Admiral Thrawn captured Ukio, she and Rappapor helped their boss escape.[2]

When Gillespee merged his organization into Talon Karrde's Smugglers' Alliance, Faughn transferred to him and became the captain of the Starry Ice, under command of Mara Jade. She piloted the Starry Ice when the former Emperor's Hand rescued Luke Skywalker in the Kauron asteroid field and later conducted her to Nirauan. When Mara disappeared on this planet, Faughn was forced to abandon her to report to Talon Karrde.[3]



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