Morti: "But, Shirley! You're our headliner…our star! The governor is looking forward to—!"
Shirley: "Now, listen Morti, and listen good! I meant what I told you when I took you on as my agent—I don't work freak shows!"
―Shirley giving her opinion of the Imperial Governor of Kabray to her agent Morti[src]

Shirley was a talented singer who was known by her stage name, the "Chanteuse of the Stars". She had performed at Seezar's Planet, having much success around 3 ABY. Following this, her agent, Morti, was able to get her a gig performing for the Imperial Governor of Kabray at Kabray Station during a diplomatic summit. However, after she arrived, she refused to perform, exclaiming that the entire thing was simply a freak show. Morti was dismayed over her decision, as he knew the governor would be very displeased. He was all set to invoke a tough clause in Shirley's contract to get her to perform, but she had departed from her dressing room. Instead, Morti found Leia Organa and mistook her for his talented star. In order to keep from being exposed as a Rebel operative, Leia was forced to perform for the governor in Shirley's place.