Shiros were hard-shelled, benign, slow-moving reptiles native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo

A Shiro's main defense was its spiny shell, which it would withdraw into.

Shiro-trap 2

A "Shiro-trap" retracted into its shell.

They fed on mintri, zaela, grahn vine, chak-root, and occasional mud-dwelling crustaceans and mollusks. Shiros were very popular with Gungan cooks.

Shiros rolled in mud and collected dirt and seeds between their shell ridges. Tooke-trap plants grew and flourished in those soil pockets, creating the symbiotic "Shiro-trap". The tooke-plants also provided camouflage for Shiros from predators, especially from the saw-toothed grank which was the Shiro's main predator due to its ability to break through tough shells.

Shiros also provided locomotion for the tooke-traps.



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