"What do you mean, "she's not coming back"? Did she die?"
"I don't know, sir. Master Shivaz was fine until we hit the Dark Heart."
"We tried to warn her, but she went in… then we heard the screams."
"Sent a man in. Just his body came out. Lightsaber wounds on him."
"The Voss warned us about this. The order needs to be informed."
―A Republic soldier reports to an officer on Shivaz's breakdown[src]

Shivaz was a female Jedi Master of the Jedi Order who accompanied a group of Galactic Republic soldiers into the Nightmare Lands on the planet Voss. Shivaz successfully resisted the corrupting influence of the Nightmare Lands as they progressed, but when they reached the Dark Heart, Shivaz ignored the soldiers' warnings and entered—only to be driven completely insane by the entity Sel-Makor that lived within.