"I have better connections in the salt market, but I'll see what I can do."

Shlith-dan was a male Arcona with dark gray skin striated with brown streaks. He was addicted to salt and his golden eyes attested to this.


Shlith-dan became addicted to salt at a young age and became a dealer to support his habit. This led him onto further crime. Shlith-dan sought to discover in other species, a weakness similar to the Arconan addiction to salt to make a profit. He eventually found a fungi that was addictive to the people of the two Shesharile worlds. It was the final straw in the collapse of those worlds.

From this episode, Shlith-dan saw the potential profit to be made in virgin territory. He eventually brought black market trade to the Minos Cluster. His main rival there was Yerkys ne Dago, but Shlith-dan was not prepared to tangle with such a powerful individual.

Personality and traitsEdit

Shlith-dan was a calculating individual and although he took enormous risks his business savvy and competence usually saved him from repercussions. He was driven to find a biological weakness in a species native to the Minos Cluster.


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