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Two combatants shockboxing

Shockboxing was a violent and often dangerous sport where combatants fought each other in a ring using electrified gauntlets known as shockboxing gloves. These gloves could deliver blows of varying levels of electrical intensity, from stun to more lethal levels. A popular training method amongst military units, shockboxers were typically tough and skilled at melee combat.[1] A regulation shockboxing match was divided up into ten equal two-and-a-half minute phases, with one-minute breaks between each phase.[2] Barabels were frequent participants and known to be exceptionally suited to the sport.[1] For several years, the Outer Rim title holder in shockboxing was the ferocious Barabel Tull Raine.[2]

Vycinyth and Reuss VIII both hosted shockboxing events.



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