Shockwave was a Star Destroyer built at Warlord Blitzer Harrsk's secret Deep Core shipyards.[2]


Shockwave was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer[1] that was heavily outfitted with high-energy weapons. It was capable of obliterating a Victory-class Star Destroyer in a single volley.[2]


Serving as Harrsk' flagship, Shockwave was eventually ravaged and destroyed by Treuten Teradoc's fleet while Harrsk was discussing unification with Admiral Daala. The destruction of the Shockwave would prove a pivotal moment as Admiral Daala's friend, Commander Kratas, was touring the vessel at the time, and his death would be one of the major factors moving Daala to revenge herself upon the Imperial Warlords by seeking their deaths in order to install herself as the Supreme Commander of the Empire's remnants.[2]



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