The shoni was a backwards-swimming swordfish native to the oceans of Kalee.

The average shoni weighed between 500 to 600 kilos, and was four to five-and-a-half meters long. A third of the length of the shoni was taken up by its long, swordlike bill, used to skewer prey and for self-defense against ocean predators. These harpoon-like snouts were harvested by the Kaleesh, who used shoni spears to hunt mumuu beasts. Since only shoni females were typically large enough to have their snouts used as weapons, reckless harvesting on the part of the Kaleesh eventually made the shoni an endangered species.

Shoni meat was also prized by the Kaleesh, as it was one of the few examples of edible, non-poisonous sea food on Kalee.

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