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Kaleesh NEGAS

A Kaleesh with a shoni spear.

The shoni spear was an organic melee weapon favored by the Kaleesh of the planet Kalee.

Shoni spears were harvested from the backwards-swimming shoni swordfish, known for their sharp, swordlike bills. The Kaleesh used them as durable spears while hunting mumuu, since these were one of the few weapons able to pierce the thick hides of the mumuu. Shoni spears were never more than two meters in length[1], requiring Kalee hunters to engage their prey at close range—an art later refined into the sport of mumuu-fighting.

The shoni spear, while highly practical for Kaleesh hunters, also carried a symbolic meaning. For the natives of Kalee, the relationship between the shoni and mumuu symbolized the contest between sea and land, and indeed any kind of struggle in general.

During the Huk War, shoni spears were used as weapons of war, after the Kaleesh found them useful for piercing the tough carapaces of Huk warriors.[1]


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