Shoon-mi Esh, crèche-brother to Niiriit Esh, was a Yuuzhan Vong Shamed One living in the dark underbelly of Yuuzhan'tar, the former capital of the New Republic.


Shoon-mi was part of one of the many Shamed Ones who revered the Jedi Knights as the future saviors of his people. However, he did not flee to the depths of Yuuzhan'tar, so his sister Niiriit Esh refused to acknowledge his existence.

Shoon-mi was dedicated to the continued survival of his group, particularly Niiriit. However, the Shamed Ones were discovered by a hunting party of warriors, and only a few escaped the raid—Kunra and the being who came to be known as Yu'shaa, but was in reality the former executor Nom Anor.

Nom Anor, under the guise of the enigmatic prophet Yu'shaa, began to unite the Shamed Ones against their common enemy, the higher castes. Though Yu'shaa's following grew steadily, Shoon-mi began to doubt the Prophet's dedication to the message. He felt that Yu'shaa would only lead the Shamed from one form of slavery to another.

Shoon-mi and a small band of Shamed Ones attempted to assassinate Yu'shaa while he slept. Under an ooglith masquer, Shoon-mi planned to take over the role of the Prophet. While Shoon-mi pressed coufee against Yu'shaa's throat threaten to kill him while talking to him, Yu'shaa'a assistant Kunra appeared on the scene and stabbed Shoon-mi himself, saving Yu'shaa's life. Yu'shaa strangled the remaining life out of the incapacitated Shamed One.



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