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"It's a nightmare!"
C-3PO being picked up by an SRT[src]

The Short-Range Transport droid (or SRT droid) was a droid model utilized by the Geonosians of the planet Geonosis. Operating in the subterranean droid factories, SRT droids transported items across the vast chambers,[1] and made use of a maintenance and recharge area within the foundry.[2]


"Machines making machines! How perverse."
C-3PO on the Geonosis droid foundries[src]

The SRT droid[2] was a model of hovering transport droid which carried cargo and other items in two flat, fork-like prongs extending from its squat body. Two smaller manipulator arms were situated above, and were capable of grasping and gripping items. The droid had a wide, domed head, and two red, eye-like sensors.[1] These droids only operated at short range, and required a maintenance and recharge area to function.[2]


SRT droid AOTC

An SRT droid attempting to shake off C-3PO.

"I want to go home! What did I do to deserve this?"
C-3PO being dropped by an SRT[src]

Short-Range Transports were utilized in the droid factories on Geonosis during the lead-up to the Clone Wars, and helped produce the battle droids of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[1]

C-3PO ran afoul of an SRT when he and R2-D2 followed their masters, Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, into the droid factory during their mission to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi. Falling from the entranceway, Threepio landed on a cargo block carried by an SRT, which registered the intruder and picked the protocol droid up by his head. As Threepio clung on to the droid's spindly arm, the SRT grabbed his leg and attempted to shake him free. Threepio was unceremoniously dropped onto a conveyor belt, and the SRT carried on its way.[1]



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