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This article is non-canon.

This article covers a subject containing comic or obvious non-canon material or that Lucasfilm otherwise declared to be non-canon in the new canon continuity.

"Showdown on Hoth" is the eleventh episode of the animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It premiered on Disney XD on August 15, 2016.[1]

Official descriptionEdit

The conclusion for the race for the Kyber Saber Crystals looms on the horizon.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

A perilous raceEdit

Dengar and company Showdown

Dengar, Baash, and Raam flying a starfighter

Traveling in the Eclipse Fighter and Rancor's Fist, Naare and Graballa chase the Freemakers into Hoth's atmosphere. The bounty hunters Dengar, Baash, and Raam also give chase in a starfighter. Roger notifies Zander of the violent snowstorms on the surface, so Zander tries to lose their pursuers by flying through one. All but Naare cannot see through the weather, and she uses the Force to sense her way through and fires at the StarScavenger. The StarScavenger takes several hits but Rowan uses the Force to fly the ship to safety. With Rowan's guidance, Zander narrowly avoids crashing the StarScavenger into a mountain. However, Naare, Dengar, and Graballa are not so lucky and crash their ships into the mountain. Naare and the gangsters survive but are bruised.

Finding the last crystalEdit

Freemakers and baby wampa Hoth

The Freemakers befriend a baby wampa

Upon landing, the Freemakers make their way to an old cave system while Roger stays behind to keep the ship engines warm. He overloads the engines, causing the ship and him to sink into a frozen lake. As they traverse through the cave system, Rowan and his siblings makes discover a room full of crystals. Taking Zander's suggestion, he calls to the Kyber crystal with the Force and retrieves it to everyone's joy. Unfortunately, the crystal was a keystone to a natural-made boobytrap and causes a cave-in. Thinking fast, Rowan uses his new lightsaber to help them escape back to the surface.

Meanwhile, Graballa's henchmen including Baash, Raam, and Yeppau dig the Rancor's Fist out of the snow while Dengar hides behind a rock. An impatient Graballa asks Naare if she can use the Force to find the kid. Naare at first can't sense Rowan but she then senses fear. Meanwhile, the Freemakers discover they are being followed but find that the creature is only a baby wampa who takes a liking to Zander. The mother wampa emerges from her cave to look for her child. When the Freemakers finally get back to their ship, they discover that the StarScavenger is trapped under a frozen lake and find Roger frozen but still functioning. With his language circuits and logic processor frozen, Roger is only able to utter the word "genius."

Shelter at Echo BaseEdit

Durpin and Plumestriker Hoth

Durpin and Plumestriker confront the Freemakers

They seek shelter by using nearby tauntauns and a derelict snowspeeder to travel towards a nearby abandoned Rebel base only to find that it is still occupied by Imperials. These Imperials turn out to be Durpin and Plumestriker, two disgraced Imperial officers who had been reassigned to Hoth after the destruction of the Emperor Palpatine Museum on Naboo. While Durpin was happy at being reassigned to a quiet posting, Plumestriker regarded it as a punishment and sought to get back into the Empire's good books. Durpin tries to drive away the visitors with his blaster but they ride their tauntaun sledge into the hangar.

Upon recognizing the Freemakers, Plumestriker wants to alert the Imperial High Command but Durpin doesn't want anything to trouble their quiet exile. Durpin opens fire on the Freemakers in an attempt to drive them out. The baby wampa attacks Durpin, who kicks back. Plumestriker fires at the baby wampa but this only provokes the mother wampa, who attacks Durpin and Plumestriker. In the scuffle, though, Plumestriker manages to send a distress signal and the Freemakers know it's a matter of time before Naare and her company arrives. Using their skills in master building and the Force, they set up defenses for a showdown.

Cobbling WeaponsEdit

Feemakers AT-AT Showdown

The Freemakers' AT-AT walker fighting Naare and Graballa's forces

Naare and her crew do arrive shortly, and she admires Rowan's latest work: a reconstructed and operational Imperial walker piloted by Kordi and Roger, and a Rebel snowspeeder flown by Zander and Rowan. Kordi's walker shoots down Graballa's ship, causing to crash into the nearby ice lake which frees the StarScavenger from its tomb. Zander and Rowan's snowspeeder tow cable to rip the canopy of Dengar, Baash, and Raam's starfighter, causing it to crash. However, their speeder is shot down by Naare's Eclipse Fighter. Kordi makes the final assault by firing on Naare, downing her fighter. Naare retaliates by forcing an avalanche, toppling the walker.

She attempts to confront Rowan and the Freemakers only to get trampled by the fleeing Durpin, Plumestriker, and the rampaging wampa mother and her baby. Over their transmission link, Naare speaks with the hiding Freemakers, stating her previous offer to surrender the crystals still stands, but Kordi and Zander have heard enough. Rowan considers, however, and states the crystals were what got them into trouble and surrendering them will get their old lives back. Only when his big sister reveals that no one's homes will be safe if they give up that Rowan makes his decision.

Meanwhile, Graballa complains about waiting in the open cold to Naare until Rowan reveals himself and hands over the crystal. Delighted, Naare assembles all the shards together while Rowan and his family make a silent getaway. With a flash of Force-lightning, the Kyber Saber is restored until it falls apart, one of the pieces melting into the snow. Dengar realizes that the piece that Rowan gave up was a shard of ice, as Graballa realizes the shards for what they really are. Deceived by all fronts, Naare turns to find the StarScavenger leaving Hoth and she screams in rage at being cheated of the Kyber Saber

Escaping HothEdit

Naare and Graballa Showdown

Naare and Graballa looking for the Freemakers

In space, the Freemakers rejoice in their victory and Rowan's deception until he comments the Empire will be looking for them. Roger's language circuits and logic processor has defrosted and he is able to speak in complete sentences again. Kordi assures Rowan they are all in this together as family, and proceeds to discuss with her big brother where to go next. When Kordi suggests Kamino, Zander says it is too wet. When Zander proposes Tatooine, Kordi replies it is too hot and dry. Rowan then leaves for the rear compartment with Roger under the pretext of checking something.

After a short while, they notice a big shock: Rowan and a thawed Roger leaving the ship in the smaller scavenger vessel. Despite their protests, Rowan explains the Force chose him to protect the Kyber Saber crystals, so it's up to him to protect his family and everybody else in the galaxy, as a Jedi would protect the galaxy. He gives his farewells before going into hyperspace, leaving his siblings behind.


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