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First Skirmish on Carlac[1]


Tournament on Serenno

Showdown on Orondia

Kill Rako Hardeen


21 BBY




Bounty Hunters escape


Jedi Order

Independent bounty hunters


Anakin Skywalker injured

After Moralo Eval, Cad Bane and Obi-Wan Kenobi disguised as Rako Hardeen escaped from the Republic Prison, Anakin sought revenge for the "death" of his former master which led to the skirmish on Orandia.


After hearing Rako Hardeen escaped from prison, Anakin went to Palpatine for advice. Annoyed at the Jedi Council for doing nothing to stop the plot against him, Palpatine reveals the location of Hardeen, sending Skywalker to Nal Hutta to look for the bounty hunters.

The showdownEdit

"This is for Obi-Wan''"
Anakin Skywalker drawing his lightsaber on a disguised Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Just missing the trio of bounty hunters consisting of Cad Bane, Moralo Eval and Rako Hardeen (who was actually Obi-Wan in disguise to uncover the plot hatched by Eval to kidnap Palpatine) on Nal Hutta, Anakin and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano tracked them to a nearby filling station on Orondia. They caught them just entering their ship to leave Orandia. Before they could do so, Anakin rammed his ship onto the roof of their ship, catching their attention. He then handed over the controls of the ship to Ahsoka while he jumped outside and landed on the roof the bounty hunters ship. Cad Bane also jumped out, hovering over the ship using his rocket boots and began to fire at Skywalker. However, Skywalker deflected one of the blaster shots back at one of the Bane's boots, causing it to malfunction and stop working. Bane lost balance and crashed onto the hull of the ship with Skywalker following behind. Meanwhile, Ahsoka kept attempting to keep the bounty hunters ship below their ship by slighting ramming it. Kenobi swerved the ship to the side, causing both Bane and Skywalker to lose balance. He then fired on some fuel pipes, blowing them up and then ran right through the smoke. Ahsoka was caught off guard all of a sudden and crashed the ship right into the bounty hunters ship, sending both ships flying right onto the ground. Ahsoka temporarily lost conscience while Kenobi ran outside with a blaster in hand. Out of the fog, Skywalker jumped out and tackled Kenobi and was about to deliver the killing blow when Bane fired his wrist rope around his arms, tying them together and saving Kenobi. However, Skywalker overwhelmed Bane but Kenobi returned the favor by tackling Skywalker and began to beat him. But before knocking him unconscious, he whispered to Skywalker not to follow him. Ahsoka came to her master's rescue and deflected blaster shots before Eval announced that the ship was still operational and could fly. With that, the two bounty hunters and Kenobi left.


Skywalker awakened a few seconds later after the bounty hunters left the planet and informed Ahsoka about feeling Kenobi's presence through the Force. Although neither could put two or two together, they vowed to get to the bottom of the mystery.


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