"Rest assured, my dear Moff, there is positively no treasonous activity on Shownar."
―Oro Freatt[src]

Shownar was a paradise planet near the Torch Nebula. At night, the planet was illuminated by the nebula. Wind blowing through the vertag crystals created the Shownar lullaby. It was an Imperial planet, though de facto ruled by the crime lord Oro Freatt.


Shownar was located in a star system of the same name in the Parmic sector of the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy.[1] It was in close proximity to the Torch Nebula, and as a result its night sky was illuminated by red and blue light from the celestial oddity.[2]

Shownar itself consisted of three large landmasses composed entirely of a rare form of vertag crystal. These crystals formed spires several kilometers tall. At high altitudes, wind rushing between the spires created a ghostly harmonic wave known as the Shownar lullaby.[2]

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