"Punch that shrapnel cloud when you've got a baddie glued to your tail, and I swear you'll never again underestimate the effect of metal fragments in the face."
―Chentu Chek wrote about the 88-R Nightscreamer in Tools of the Trade, a chapter from the Bounty Hunters' Guild Handbook[src]

A Shrapnel cloud emitter was a device that was part of a standard aftermarket package for the 88-R Nightscreamer speeder bike. It would release metal fragments from the rear of the bike, interfering with any pursuers.[2]

Sometime before the Battle of Yavin,[1] the bounty hunter veteran Chentu Chek mentioned the shrapnel cloud emitter in his description of the Nightscreamer in his chapter Tools of the Trade, which was published in the Bounty Hunters' Guild Handbook[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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