A shreev was a meter-long flying animal native to the gardens of S'krrr. Possessed of elongated heads, bare tails, and long leathery wings, they were easily mistaken for birds, but were covered in soft blue fur.

A single shreev could eat thirty drog beetles a day with its two rows of tiny protruding teeth, and they preferred to hunt in the evenings. Often they would shriek while stooping on prey. After eating, they would fall asleep in the trees. Because of the rapacious and prolific nature of drogs, shreeves were protected by law. Many shreeves were once killed and put into a pit, which caused drog numbers to multiply into a swarm.

They were noted to be fragile and poor at avoiding danger, often dying from flying into transparisteel panes. While they would not normally attack something as large as a human, Zak Arranda once encountered one so fixated on the drog he held that it flew into him repeatedly.

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