A Wizard of the Night Spirit about to be struck by shrinkroot potion.

Shrinkroot potion was a potion used by the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village. Devised by the powerful shaman, Logray, the potion had the power to shrink a person to a much smaller size, apparently making the victim small indefinitely. The power of this potion could also be recreated using the staff of Logray. However, the use of the staff left the possibility of the person returning to normal size. Teebo once used shrinkroot potion to shrink a Wizard of the Night Spirit during the Battle of Thorn Forest.

Behind the scenesEdit

Shrinkroot potion first appeared in the episode Night of the Stranger of the animated Ewoks television series, which aired on ABC on October 11, 1986. The potion later appeared in the Marvel comic Return of the Great One!.