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Shrobs were saurian humanoids from the planet Mandalah III. They were tall and lean, with scaly brownish skin.

Culture and historyEdit

About five centuries before tjhe Galactic Civil War, the Shrobs were living peacefully on Mandalah III. Their lifestyle was changed forever when the Tetrametal company (an enormous trust of the Corporate Sector) decided to exploit the solvium mines of Mandalah III. The Shrobs were enslaved and contributed to the destruction of the ecology on their homeworld. From then on, the Shrobs were treated like pariahs on their own planet.

With time, the Shrobs "forgot" their ancient pacifism and became hostile, even sometimes murderous towards strangers. Within their own species, however, they still gave great importance to mutual assistance and solidarity.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Shrobs have only appeared in the French RPG magazine Casus Belli HS6.