Shrona Bel-Il was a Selonian female raider living on Corellia during the Cold War and the Galactic War.


When the Sith Empire conquered Corellia she decided to oppose the Sith and entered the resistance, becoming a leader. Her skills proved very useful for the fight. Darth Tormen sent his hunter to capture her and quickly the Hunter confronted to Tormen Shrona Bel-Il. The Hunter was able to gain the Selonian's attention by capturing three of their females. An outraged Shrona demanded that the Hunter release the females and lay down and die. The Hunter refused and engaged Shrona in battle, ultimately defeating the Selonian. Wounded, Shrona vowed that the Selonians will not bow before the Empire. The Hunter then froze her in carbonite to be delivered to Darth Tormen, who then, after unfreezing her, forced her to sign a treaty signifying Corellia's secession from the Republic.