Shronker was a popular hologame which was designed for two players, with both of them controlling movements of a comet via the control stick.


The rules of the game were fairly simple. Within the holosphere was a stylized image of a solar system; when starting the game, the players could choose setups based on known systems, or create their own. There were four types of worlds: gas giants, twin worlds, planets, and moons. In the sphere's center was the primary. Each player controlled a comet, which was the only object in the game that could change course.

The game began with the planets in established orbits. There were several different configurations, with the "hot Bespin" scenario generally considered the most difficult. The objects was to use one's comet to impact the various worlds, and be the first to send them spiraling into the system's star.


Each of the worlds had different properties. The gas giants were massive, and thus possessed greater inertia; a direct impact of a comet shifted one of them only slightly. Binary worlds, orbiting about a barycenter, could be separated by a properly angled shot, and either or both dropped into the primary's gravity well. Ordinary planets presented no particular challenge, while moons were the smallest and the most difficult to hit; they also had a tendency to be captured by the other worlds. A moon was usually the last one to be incinerated, thus ending the game.


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