Luke: "What's a Shroud?"
Quiller: "Tractor beam confuser."
―A short definition by Joak Quiller[src]

A Shroud was a counter-measure device fitted to some space vessels. It functioned to confuse and displace the tracking lock of a tractor beam, enabling a ship to escape the hold of the beam. It consisted of a wave-layered bomb, containing highly reflective particles, that would throw off the hostile tracking lock, presumably by confusing the tractor beams sensors.

Improvised shroudsEdit

"You don't get a shroud, you make one."
Han Solo, explaining the principle of creating an improvised shroud.[src]

A shroud could also be improvised, as demonstrated by Han Solo during the encounter of the Hand of Judgment and the Reprisal over Gepparin. Han Solo and the Hand of Judgment, on board the Melnor Spear, where caught in the tether of a tractor beam originating from the Reprisal. Han ordered Chewbacca to execute a maneuver; whereby, Chewbacca, aboard the Millennium Falcon, destroyed a TIE/LN starfighter that was traveling along a similar vector to the Melnor Spear. Han then maneuvered the Melnor Spear so that the cloud of debris created by the TIE fighter caused interference in the Reprisal's tractor beam lock. With the lock broken, the Melnor Spear was then able avoid recontact with the tractor beam, due to Han Solo's flying, and escaped.