Shula Pakasj Shevu was at first Lon Shevu's live-in girlfriend, then later his wife. She gave him a gold chain which he never went on patrol without. When she met Ben Skywalker, she thought he was a nice, polite boy.

She had a large collection of stuffed toy animals and had worked at GalactiSend. At some point she and Lon vacationed on Naboo.

During the Second Galactic Civil War, Lon Shevu secretly married Shula and sent her back to her parents on Vaklin for her own safety. Although the pair had appeared to be in no rush to marry in the past, Ben Skywalker had the feeling that they got married so that she would get widow's benefits if Lon were to lose his life while they investigated Darth Caedus. She would later send Lon a message telling him he wasn't responsible for saving the Galactic Alliance on his own.


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