Shulell City was the capital of Lan Barell. The only Human-style settlement on the planet, by the time of the Galactic Civil War, it boasted a population of over 100,000 Humans and at least 30,000 Qieg. Shulell City was constructed as part of the agreement that allowed Human colonization of the planet after Lan Barell was discovered by Galactic Republic scouts around 1300 BBY. A mixture of Human and Qieg structures, most were constructed of plasteel and adobe, as well as the more traditional cacti hives employed by the Qieg. Large sections of the city were devoted to industrial ventures, and the only modern spaceport on the planet was located in Shulell City. The Shulell City spaceport offered comprehensive services and a small shipyard that was in constant use as freighters and transports arrived and departed. An airport was located in the north of the city that dealt exclusively with the sub-orbital traffic bringing in materials and dingory meat from the rest of the planet.

In the center of the city is the Quilan Hive. One the largest Qieg cacti hive in the planet, by the Galactic Civil War it served as the governmental, financial and commercial center of the entire Lan system. All deals concerning the sale of ores and materials was conducted through the Hive.

The Grill was an area of the city where those escaping from the Galactic Empire hid due to Lan Barell's lax approach to law enforcement. A mixture of slums, businesses, plazas, and cacti gardens, the Grill was the place to go for illegal goods and services. Political refugees and smugglers inhabit the Grill, and a small Rebel cell operates in the area.

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Shulell was incorrectly spelt "Shullel" in the Galaxywide NewsNets in Star Wars Adventure Journal 5.



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