Shulf'aa was a male Vernol merchant and art dealer. He owned two sculptures of famed light sculptor Ves Volette, which he obtained through illegal channels. Former journalist Den Dhur was arrested for impersonating a police officer while interrogating Shulf'aa for information.


Some time after he illegally came into possession of two works of art by the light artist Ves Volette, he was murdered. The rising prices caused Shulf'aa to hope for a high profit, so he immediately understood all price increases. As a result, however, he made the Sullustan reporter Den Dhur attention, which in the murder case of the Caamasi determined. He went to see him and threatened to expose Shulfaas' illegal business if he did not cooperate with him. Then Shulf'aa agreed to give him the name of the individual who stole the light sculptures and passed them on to him, a Nuknog named Spa Fon. Later, Shulf'aa filed a complaint with the sector police against Dhur, which did nothing because the police prefect Pol Haus was a member of Whiplash.

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