The Shunned were a group of individuals often former or failed Je'daii from the planet Tython in the time more than seven centuries before the formation of the Galactic Republic during the reign of the Infinite Empire. The Je'daii order occasionally had individuals, in whom, the Force never settled and was not in balance in light or dark. They were never comfortable with the Force to the point that it actually "disgusted" them. These individuals often felt a pull from outside the Tythan system. Often times this leads to their confinement on Bogan. For some this wasn't effective and those were "said" to head to the farthest reaches of the Tythan system and either go mad or die. The Stargazers were founded by one of the Shunned named Dalien Brock. The first example is a rich, large Kalimahr business woman named Kara, aged 70, whose mind was unreadable by the Je'daii Ranger Lanoree Brock sent to investigate. Lanoree assumed that Kara was a Je'daii but Kara denied saying that the Force had gone "stale" in her.


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