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The Shusugaunt were a species from the planet of Shusugaunt in the Raioballo sector of the Outer Rim.

A race of space-faring warriors, the Shusugaunt were short in stature, and were considered to be an aggressive people. The Shusugaunt were encountered by a colony ship from Gravlex Med millennia before the Clone Wars, and attempted to conquer and take control of the Anx homeworld. However, the Shusugaunt were unprepared for the planet's heavy gravity, and found themselves unable to fight without becoming fatigued by the oppressive gravitic forces. The Shusugaunt fled Gravlex Med, leaving the Anx alone.

Behind the scenesEdit

Star Wars Gamer 7 claims that the planet Shusugaunt, not Gravlex Med, was the high-gravity world.


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