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Shyarns were light, curved swords employed by the ancient Cereans during their traditional honor duels.

These primitive looking blade weapons were magnetically attracted to one another, making the weapons lock onto one another during parries. The two duelists remained linked until one was able to free himself and maneuver for another attack. As such, these honor duels were quite breathtaking to behold but were also deadly dances between life and death. Cerean blacksmiths forged the blades from unique metals found on Cerea in a process that resulted in a weapon that had no magnetic pull on other metals; they were magnetically attracted only to each other. Shyarns were small blades that were sometimes difficult to upgrade with technology designed for more conventional swords and vibroblades.

The blades were named shyarn after the old Cerean word for "dancer." Hundreds of Shyarn-Ado Training Schools on Cerea taught the art of swordplay with the shyarn, called shyarn-ado, which took a lifetime to master.[2] In any case, because of its exotic design and function, a user required training before he could wield the weapon properly.[1]



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