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"'s rough on my throat, I lost my voice for a day after bugging Zeb by serenading him in Shyriiwook."
―Sabine Wren[src]

Shyriiwook was a language of the Wookiees, others of which included Thykarann and Xaczik.[1] The language consisted of growling and howls, and thus was difficult for anyone not a Wookiee to speak or learn and was also rough on their throat. It had over 150 words for wood.[2]

Sabine Wren was capable of speaking of smattering of Shyriiwook, but lost her voice after annoying Garazeb Orrelios for a day, serenading him in Shyriiwook.[3]

Han Solo was capable of understanding at least some of it, as he usually understood what Chewbacca was saying.[4] Major Harter Kalonia, who served as a physician in the Resistance, was fluent in Shyriiwook.[5] Rey was able to learn Shyriiwook due to her interaction with offworlders on Jakku.[5]

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  • Ah. ("One.")[3]
  • Ah-ah. ("Two.")[3]
  • A-oo-ah. ("Three.")[3]
  • Wyoorg. ("Four.")[3]
  • Wyaaaaaa. ("Hello.")[1]
  • Roooarrgh ur roo. ("I have a bad feeling about this.")[1]
  • Rrrrugh arah-ah-woof? ("How do you take your coffee?")[1]
  • Wwwah rrroooaaah wha? ("Want to play holochess?")[1]
  • Aarrr wgh ggwaaah. ("Jump to hyperspace.")[1]


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