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The Si'Klaata Cluster was an area in Hutt Space, near the Tion Hegemony and the Sisar Run. It contained the Kintan system, as well as the worlds of Klatooine, Tas-La, Vodran, and Vontor. Non-Hutt access to the Cluster was heavily restricted.


Before the foundation of the Galactic Republic, the Si'Klaata Cluster was the site of a war between the Hutts and Xim the Despot, which ended in Xim's defeat. Attempts by xenoarchaeologists to gain access to the sites of the First, Second and Third Battles of Vontor were stymied by the Hutts, who refused access to any researchers that did not explicitly support the Hutt version of history.

The Si'Klaata Cluster was the "finish line" for the Kessel Run, which ran from the planet Kessel to the Si'Klaata Cluster.



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