The siang lance was a weapon used by the Kilian Rangers. It was a modified sporting blaster rifle equipped with a bayonet. It was often enhanced by the Force.


By law of Kilia IV, only nobles could use such lances. A siang lance was given to each Kilian Ranger as a badge of office. Along with the shield gauntlet, these unique items served as a reminder of their oath to defend justice, chivalry, and the people of Kilia. The Kilian Ranger's use of a siang lance was similar to a Jedi's use of a lightsaber. Masters of the siang lance could also use the Force to imbue their weapon and make it more powerful.[1]

A Kilian Ranger would usually wield the siang lance in one hand, while the other held the shield gauntlet. Since the weapon had an affixed bayonet, it could also be used as a melee weapon when engaged in close-quarters combat. Because of its exotic design, a user unfamiliar with the siang lance would require training before he could develop the ability to wield the weapon proficiently. Due to the scarcity of technology on Kilia, only a half dozen working lances were available at any one time.[1]


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