The Sibha Habadeet were a major supplier of micrel equipment to the Rebel Alliance.

The Sibha Habadeet's specialty was the manufacture of bioelectronic components. This included the dual power supplies that were installed in Luke Skywalker's first artificial hand.

While being held in a storage shed in Talon Karrde's base on Myrkr, Luke was able to use one of the two power supplies to open a door and free R2-D2 from captivity. The two made an abortive escape attempt into the nearby forests, pursued by Mara Jade. At about the same time Han Solo and Lando Calrissian visited Karrde's base. While exploring the base they found the power supply, and the small logo of the Sibha Habadeet proved to Solo and Calrissian that Karrde had been holding Skywalker prisoner.


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