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"All right, hot shot, head this bucket toward the Sice system."
Luke Skywalker, to Han Solo[src]

The Sice system was a star system that contained the planet Sicemon, a grassy world that was home to a Rebel Alliance base.[1]

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"Sicemon (sometimes Siseman) in the Sice System (did this name influence the name Sise Fromm from Droids?) was another grass-planet or perhaps the location of Jabba's Palace in one of the earliest outlines."
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The Sice system appeared in the rough draft of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi as the location where Millennium Falcon traveled following the rescue of Han Solo to regroup with the Rebel Alliance at their base on Sicemon.[1] However, the world and its system were not present in the final version of the film, and the Falcon instead rendezvoused with the Alliance Fleet near Sullust.[2]


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