"I will burn that out of you until all that's left its charred and black. A hot coal gone cold."
―Sinjir endured harsh training under the tutelage of ISB Officer Sid Uddra[src]

Sid Uddra was a female human who served as officer in the Imperial Security Bureau and mentor of Sinjir Rath Velus. Uddra was a native of Sixmoon in the Velusia system. During her service at an Imperial Academy, she handpicked Sinjir for training as a loyalty officer, due to his high level of intelligence and aggressive demeanor. Sinjir was transferred to the ISB's training program at the Viper's Nest on the ocean world of Virkoi. Under Uddra's tutelage, Sinjir underwent a harsh and violent training program which involved frequent physical combat and stimulated torture sessions. On one occasion, Uddra even broke his toes in order to toughen him up.[1]

Sinjir's first assignment as a loyalty officer was to interrogate the Imperial Navy Lieutenant Alster Grove, who was part of a cabal seeking to overthrow Emperor Palpatine by assassinating Darth Vader. Uddra assigned him with rooting out the names of the other conspirators. Under Uddra's direction, Sinjir tortured Grove for two nights until the man yielded the names of his fellow conspirators. Uddra personally executed Grove by throwing him into the oceans of Virkoi while Vader hunted down and beheaded Grove's co-conspirators.[1]


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