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Sidewinder was a stock light freighter, often used as a tiny cargo vessel, once docked on the planet Tegrat. When Imperial forces decided to invade Tegrat in order to flush out any signs of the Rebel Alliance, the Sidewinder took on board a motley assortment of previously unacquainted creatures and attempted to flee to Tatooine, a planet the captain of the ship characterized as an immigrant's paradise. Though the ship encountered a small number of TIE/LN starfighters upon lifting off from Tegrat, it was able to make the jump to hyperspace. However, four days into this hyperspace jump, the ships hyperdrive cutout activated, damaging the hyperspace engines in the process and stranding the group in hyperspace next to a ship they identified as Imperial Research Station 13. The ship soon fired on them, disabling their sublight drives also, and proceeded to draw the ship into itself by means of its tractor beams. Though the group attempted to repair the drives, they discovered that the tractor beams were causing a flux in the drive systems which meant that diagnostics were impossible.

When the group left the ship, after discovering they were not going to be boarded, they discovered that the ship was deserted but for an army of rogue R2 units and 3PO droids, as well as a former crewmember now inhabited by the Black Mist. When the group attempted to capture the former crewmember, his body disintegrated and the Black Mist entered into the body of one of the group and proceeded to flee back towards the Sidewinder. Though the rest of the group attempted to chase him, they were attacked relentlessly by the R2 and 3PO droids, and eventually the Black Mist managed to get aboard the Sidewinder. He immediately ordered his droid army to disable the tractor beams, and he proceeded to repair the drives himself, with the help of 1 or 2 of his droid companions. Though he managed to escape the research station by allowing the Sidewinder to drift into open space, the group managed to blast the Sidewinder into pieces with the research station's turbolasers, stranding both themselves and the Black Mist forever.