The Sienar Fleet Systems mural was a piece of persuasive artwork created by Saespo Choffrey to promote the installation of Sienar Fleet Systems on Lothal. The mural depicted a city on Lothal with several clouds on an otherwise sunny day and three Star Destroyers flying overhead, plus six TIE fighters flying in formation, an Imperial engineer smiling, and four shadowed people, one of whom was carrying a TIE fighter model, running to the cityscape, with the words "Support Your Empire" at the center of the mural, plus a three checkmarked questions, two on the left and one on the right of the aforementioned declaration, stating, respectively, "Patriotic?", "Looking for Work?", and "Mechanically-inclined?", with another phrase immediately below the center stating "Build TIE Fighters", "The latest in defense against threats to peace", and lastly, "Sienar Fleet Systems - Bringing Jobs and Prosperity to Lothal"/ There existed a version using Aurebesh and another using High Galactic, both of which were distributed through the outlying neighborhoods and residential districts of Capital City.[1]



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