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"Battle stations please, gentlebeings."
"Battle stations? On a yacht? I have a bad feeling about this!"
―Siene Symm and a member of Green squad[src]

Siene Symm was a male Sullustan swindler. Apprehended by the Galactic Empire and sentenced to hard labor, Symm used the time to hone several skills related to the job of a pilot. He also gained a hatred for the Empire. Once free, Symm joined Reekeene's Roughnecks, a military unit of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He became the co-pilot of the customized yacht Long Shot, under the command of Captain Ixsthmus, with whom Symm became friends.

The Sullustan helmed the Long Shot during several missions from 0 BBY onward, many of which included carrying other teams of the Roughnecks to the planet where they would perform a different mission. In 0 ABY, while taking the Roughnecks' Green squad to Abonshee, Symm's shift was interrupted by an attack by a pirate named Jayhawk. The Long Shot was able to survive the encounter, and Symm saw later action on Alabash and Iyuta.


"Red alert, guys. Imperial vessels entering the atmosphere. Looks like it's going to land. If we're to get out before they spot us we've got to leave now—can't wait for you to get back to the ship. Better stay hidden until we come back with reinforcements, or they leave. They'll be within scanning distance shortly. Good luck. Symm out."
―Siene Symm[src]

The male Sullustan Siene Symm, hailing from Sullust, was a professional cheat, a sly deceiver, and a qualified counterfeiter. However, he was eventually caught and sent to an Imperial warship to perform labor. During this time, Symm brushed up his skills to use and repair starship technology, and also developed firm anti-Imperial ideas. He remained captive for several years before gaining his freedom. Wanting to do his part in defeating the Empire, Symm then became a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Around 0 BBY, he was chosen to pilot the modified GX1 Short Hauler Long Shot, under Captain Ixsthmus. Symm and Ixsthmus were the only organic crew of the ship, although two droids, R2-V0 and Four-Onebee, had been assigned to the craft, which commonly ferried Rebel squads to planets to perform a variety of missions. The Long Shot had been assigned to Reekeene's Roughnecks, an irregular partisan group of the Alliance under the command of General Lens Reekeene.[1]

In 0 ABY, the Long Shot was chosen to take the recently commissioned Green squad of Roughnecks to the planet Masterhome to open diplomatic relations with the native population. While Ixsthmus reported the situation, Symm took the controls and piloted the ship. En route, they were intercepted by the pirate ship Martinette, commanded by a Captain Jayhawk. After the Rebels managed to defeat the self-proclaimed privateers, Symm took the ship to Masterhome. Both Symm and Ixsthmus remained on-board during the negotiations, which would be performed by Green squad.[2]

This allowed Symm to later identify an approaching Imperial ship, the Curich-class shuttle Resurgence. If the Imperials saw the Long Shot at their arrival at Masterhome, they would identify it as a Rebel ship. Ixsthmus ordered Symm to leave even before Green squad could board again. Symm warned Green squad of the situation through a communicator, promised them that he would return with reinforcements, and advised them to lay low in the meantime. The Long Shot rendezvoused with two Roughneck X-wings and returned to Masterhome to rescue Green squad if needed. The situation ended with the Imperials defeated and Masterhome joining the Alliance.[2]

Symm served the Roughnecks in other missions, including shuttle service to the volcanic world Alabash[3] and a watch of the communication center of Iyuta that also required avoiding several custom officers. During the latter mission, Symm spent the time playing sabacc with other Rebels and won some money. Also during this mission, Symm and the others aboard the Long Shot discovered that General Reekeene had been captured by Imperial forces and sent to the planet Flankers, whose sun would go nova in only hours. In order to save her, the crew of the Long Shot went to Flankers. Symm piloted the Long Shot and fought the Imperials' orbital and air defenses. Later, a squad was sent to the planetary surface so they could rescue Reekeene; Symm kept them informed about the time they had left before the nova.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Siene Symm was a hard-working co-pilot, professional and competent. He developed several skills related to space transports, including piloting, repairs, and using their weapons and communications. He once attempted to use his abilities to repair the droid R2-V0, believing that it was making strange noises due to a defect. Symm, who did not notice that R2-V0 was attempting to create poetry, was unable to stop the droid from continuing. Symm also retained talents from his less-than-legal days, such as his forgery abilities and gambling skills, which allowed him to earn some of his peers' money. As an officer in the Rebel Alliance, Symm commonly carried a blaster pistol.[1]

Symm was a happy worker who enjoyed traveling, piloting, and being with other people. Friendly, although still a con, he developed a false persona of naivety to hide his own skills. Symm was also a bon vivant, wearing pretentious clothes and tasting exotic food and Drilbian wine. His cabin aboard the Long Shot was more opulent than the Captain's. Symm used red lights and heavy atmosphere in his cabin to replicate the conditions of his native planet, Sullust, something that was disliked by non-Sullustan visitors. As of 1 ABY, Symm had served under Ixsthmus for one year, and both of them had became good friends, even though they had very different backgrounds.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Siene Symm first appeared in The Long Shot Campaign, a scenario for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, first published in the Star Wars Campaign Pack in 1988 and then reprinted along with other material in 1994 in Classic Campaigns.


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