"We just got a panic call from the Sif'kric system. General Bel Iblis talked to them for maybe five minutes, and suddenly we're getting ready to fly."
Commander Perris[src]

The Sif'kric system was a star system located in the Mid Rim[1] which contained the Sif'krie homeworld, Sif'kric, as well as the homeworld of the Frezhlix. The inner planet was home to the commercially important pommwomm plants.[2]


"My father-in-law's got some interests here. Ten to one it's the Frezhlix; they've been feuding with the Sif'kries ever since we chased the Empire out of the area."
Corran Horn[src]

The system was blockaded by the Frezhlix during the Caamas Document Crisis. The Frezhlix justification was the Sif'krie's opposition to the Drashtine Initiative in their sector assembly, demanding that the Bothans pay reparations for the destruction of Caamas. Up to 20% of their yearly pommwom production was at risk of being wiped out but the blockade was broken by the intervention of Garm Bel Iblis and Rogue Squadron.[2]



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