Sigit Ranth was an Imperial scientist who was involved in the plot to sabotage Emperor Palpatine's clone bodies, leading to his final death on Onderon.


Even after the assassination of most of the other members of this conspiracy, he went on to work for the Imperial Remnant trying to find a superweapon that would help the Empire reclaim the galaxy. In around 12 ABY, Ranth led an expedition to Dathomir to investigate the Infinity Gate. Finding the gate inoperable due to the destruction of its control chamber, Ranth departed the planet, leaving General Vit and his troops on the world to hold it for the Empire, and to continue exploiting their new alliance with the reborn Nightsister clan.

Unbeknownst to Ranth, he was being pursued by Kir Kanos, but he left Dathomir before Kanos could kill him, and it is unknown whether the last surviving Royal Guardsman eventually caught and executed him for his part in the death of the Emperor.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some fans have identified Ranth with the Emperor's physician, a separate character who has never been identified with Ranth in any canonical source. This error seems to be due to the fact that Ranth is said in his sole appearance to have helped create the defective clones, but this is equally true of all the members of the conspiracy.

The physician is shown in Crimson Empire to have been the sole agent to sabotage the Emperor's clones, but sabotage of existing clones is materially different from helping to create defective clones, and does not require a scientific background of the kind Ranth evidently has (i.e., one dealing with physics and hyperphysics). For his part, Ranth is not known to be a physician or any kind of medical care provider. Nevertheless, some fans continue to support the fanon identification of the two, based on the perceived likelihood that the author of Nightsaber intended them to be the same person.