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This article is about the Koensayr shuttle. You may be looking for the Sigma-class long-range shuttle, manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems.

The Sigma-class shuttle was a Koensayr shuttlecraft that saw use in the Imperial Navy early in the Galactic Civil War.


Capable of carrying 8 passengers and 100 metric tons of cargo, the shuttle required a pilot, co-pilot and two gunners.


The Sigma-class shuttle was replaced by faster and better armed shuttles like the Lambda-class.

One of these shuttles, the Mist Laden, was in hands of a headhunter who adquired the starship after capturing its owner -an independent trader.

Known shipsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The only official statistics available for the Sigma-class are those of the Mist Laden, a "highly-modified" example of the class. Stock statistics are presumably less powerful than those listed in the infobox.


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