Signet rings were rings with signet emblems, given to people as a sign of a membership within organization.


Signet rings were once given out to Jedi apprentices. Magister Hal's was made of thick steel, with a pentangle of small red stones.

Signet rings were also given to officers within the Imperial military as well as certain members of the Rebel Alliance. They were generally issued to those who achieved the rank of Colonel.[2]

Leia Organa owned a signet. Alfreda Goot tasked her droid to deliver the ring to Han Solo at the Fifteen Moons Casino to prove that she had kidnapped the princess.[3]

Members of the Paladins of the Adamite Tower on Weik received a signet ring and a sun-fire sword upon attaining rank in the Order. In order to receive the appropriate rank, a novice of the Order had to travel into the depths of the Adamite Tower and retrieve the ring from the catacombs. These "rings" were durasteel fittings in the construction of a downed Star Destroyer on the planet. Using the sun-fire blade, the novice then carved the symbol of the tower into the ring.[1]



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