The Pacnorval Defense Systems, Limited Sil-50 Sonic Pistol was the size of a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol and had a maximum range of 20 meters (40 meters underwater) and effective range of 10 meters (30 meters underwater). Unlike the Sg-82 sonic rifle, however, the Sil-50 was designed to incapacitate the target without causing any harm.

The pistol generated an ultra-low frequency sonic pulse, mimicking the target's nervous system impulses. Despite the belief that for each species one should adjust the frequency of the pulse, it would be more accurate to say that most of the humanoid species were vulnerable to the same frequency. Although specifically designed for use against Humans, hypersonic frequency chips were available to target against Wookiees, Sullustans, and Rodians. Since the Sil-50's disabling sound pulse was so low in frequency, it could not be detected or felt by the Human inner ear, though many species were capable of hearing ultra-low waves such as these. Normally, the Sil-50 was incapable of generating directly lethal shots, but a full-power blast at point-blank range can potentially kill, as could a direct hit underwater.

When affected by the Sil-50's burst, a target would experience intense dizziness, nausea, total disorientation, memory loss, and a chance of vomiting. After about two seconds, the target would fall unconscious and remained incapacitated for up to several hours. Often, the target would not know what happened until revived hours later.


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