"Silika water" was the Silika term for mineral water, which had an intoxicating effect on the Silika.

Silika water was an important concept in the Silika culture. The Silika had established a tradition of Silika Water drinking contest which involved numerous rituals and rules. The Silika would challenge each other to such contests, and acceptance was irreversible. Bailing out was dishonorable and to be punished by death. Winning such a contest brought much fame (and credits since betting was often involved), and Silika respected and admired those of their conspecifics who were notable for winning many contests.

Offworlder Dannen Lifehold was famous and respected by the Silika for having beaten their undefeated champion and for being able to drink five glasses of Silika water, which was more than any Silika could take, without even being affected by it. Of course, since Lifehold was a Human, Silika water had no effect on him at all.