Kell: "Attention, Implacable. Be advised, you've just become the victims of Dinner Squadron!"
Runt: "And Silly Squadron!"
Kell: "Consider yourselves humiliated. And welcome to Folor. Out."
Kell Tainer and Hohass "Runt" Ekwesh[src]

Silly Squadron never truly existed in the Rebel Alliance duty rosters; the name was first dreamed up by Garik "Face" Loran during the competition to give "Gray Squadron" (later Wraith Squadron) a name. He was apparently faint with hunger at the time, as another of his suggestions was "Dinner Squadron". Kell Tainer borrowed the name to describe a tactic used at the Battle of Folor to distract the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Implacable from reaching Folor Base and thus discovering the transport Borleias, which was unable to take off until it had made engine repairs.

The fake Millennium Falcon ployEdit

Trigit: "Sensors, does this 'ship of unknown type' match the parameters of the Millennium Falcon?"
Sensor officer: "Sir, they don't match anything. Some sort of odd-shaped thing with an oscillating shield system we can't get a good fix on."
―Admiral Apwar Trigit and his sensor officer[src]

Kell and Runt boosted the power to their transponder systems and shields to make it seem on sensors as though they were two X-wings. Blue Nine of Blue Squadron, (Dorset Konnair, and Blue Ten, Tetengo Noor, while flying RZ-1 A-wing interceptors, stayed very close together and oscillated the power to their own shields, giving them a unique sensor signature that was difficult to get a sensor lock on and thus no definitive classification as to what their ship was supposed to be.

The four pilots then used an old encryption code, which was known to have been recently cracked by former Imperial Admiral Apwar Trigit's forces to send simulated comm chatter back and forth. Since this was effectively the same as broadcasting in the clear and the pilots were doing their best at pretending to be more notable persons (Kell posed as Tycho Celchu while Konnair played Leia Organa), thus making Trigit believe that they were, in fact, Rogue Squadron and the Millennium Falcon. The two pilots sent transmissions back and forth that indicated that the "Falcon" was unable to reach escape velocity. The Admiral took the bait and moved to intercept the "Falcon", allowing the Borleias to repair and lift off.

Once Trigit realized he had been fooled, he ordered a turbolaser bombardment of the area the four starfighters were hiding in, however impressive piloting on the part of Runt's "student mind" was able to see them all to safety. Silly Squadron was later used by Wedge Antilles as the inspiration for the Millennium Falsehood and the missions flown therein.