Silver Station was a hidden resistance space station outpost drifting near the Dragonflower Nebula in the Doldur sector, in the Mid Rim.


The space station was four hundred meters in length. It consisted of a central cube surrounded by many interconnected cylinders. Very few beings knew the station's secret location, where resistance leader Una Poot supplied seven Rebel cells in the surrounding sector. Silver Station was an outpost built to mine gas from the nearby nebula. The station was eventually abandoned but was discovered by Una Poot, who added two dozen huge tanks and made the structure her base of operations.

Just after the Battle of Yavin, the young heiress Tinian I'att Azur-Jamin and her companions came to Silver Station to meet with Poot. Though Tinian helped foil a Ranat plot to blow up the station, most of its inhabitants were forced to flee when Imperial forces arrived and took control of the outpost.

The station was originally named Machenry Station, until Una Poot changed the name.



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