The Silver Zephyr was a freighter that plied the spacelanes during the time of the First Jedi Purge. By 3951 BBY it had landed on Vogga the Hutt's dock on Nar Shaddaa while carrying cargo to the Smugglers' Moon. The landing was delayed, however, due to a mix-up of the identification signatures of the Silver Zephyr, and another pair of freighters, the Alakandor, and Toorna's Profits.

Fassa, the dock manager, asked the Jedi Exile for her assistance in correcting this problem. With a little tinkering, the Exile was able to distribute power to the three pylons and assign priorities for the ships as follows:

  • 1st: Silver Zephyr
  • 2nd: Alakandor
  • 3rd: Toorna's Profits
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